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Semiconductor / Electronics Industry

Stay at the forefront with our tagging solutions labels

The semiconductor and electronics industry constantly innovates and label demands change accordingly. Honsen helps companies in this industry remain efficient and competitive through our total solutions label services from raw materials to factory to retail.

    Polyester labels (permanent/removeable)

These labels are using for computer/electronics parts labeling. A polyester label with lamination can provide a high protection in industrial environments.

    Polyimide labels

Polyimide labels are extremely highly resistant to temperatures (being able to withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius) and will not change in appearance nor deteriorate when undergoing reflow oven wave soldering processes. These labels are generally used in PCBA (Printed Circuit Boards Assembly) environments and come in a wide variety of materials.

    ESD labels

Specially-coated ESD (Electro-static Dissipative) or anti-static materials are essential for the protection of sensitive components on printed circuit boards.







Note: All materials are UL and CSA certified, RoHs and halogen-free compliant.


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