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Logistics / Warehousing

Increase efficiency with our precision tracking labels

Know where your products are at any point in time as they traverse the globe. Honsen’s labels travel worldwide, packing ease of tracking and peace of mind for companies and individuals at any time of the day.

    Shipping labels

Shipping labels make handling large volumes of pallets or boxes easier and come in a wide choice of plain or printed labels that can be overprinted through thermal machines and web fed printers.

    Material/Cargo handling labels

International shipping labels require a combination of several universal symbols to be printed on them for efficient handling and tracking. Done well, these labels will save you both time and money as they help ensure your packages arrive safely.

    Location labels

Location labels are used to identify and track items in specific locations within a vicinity. Multi-colored graphics make it easier to track items in many locations and instructional references such as up/down arrows and barcodes allow automated location verification while providing clear identification for items.

    Warehouse signs

Warehouse signs form an important part of a company’s health and safety program by providing easily understood graphical and textual information. This is especially crucial for rack load limitations and safe loading limits.


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