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Entertainment / Hospitality

Create memorable moments with our remarkable labels

The right label solution can determine the successful execution of any event. Honsen understands the need of event organizers or organization involved in the traffic and flow of crowd control and is able to advise and cater to all your event label needs.

    Entry pass wristbands

Wristband products are most commonly used for admission control, single and multi-day event identification, drinking age verification, promotional marketing, special access allowance and group identification purposes.

    Slot machine tickets (TITO)

Many casinos are switching over to a coinless ticket in/ticket out systems on the newer slot machines. With these new ticketing systems, players need no longer handle dirty coins or wait for refill if the machine runs out of coins when they cash out. New coinless slot machines are a great convenience for the players and are also profitable for the casino as players are receptive to ticket credits.

    Admission / Event tickets

Using dedicated, high-speed thermal printers, these printed tickets are of a high professional quality that are virtually impossible to copy. For increased security, all of some labels contain a custom ultra-violet ink pattern that can only be detected using black light. Barcodes may also be printed on these tickets for clients who require them.

    Corporate printing

Complementary corporate printing services for flyers, pamphlets, gift certificates, vouchers and brochures provide customers with a one-location printing service that is both convenient quick to deliver.

    Scratch & Win tickets

Scratch & Win tickets are a fun promotional tool that will draw attention, create excitement and increase sales. They are ideal for company branding, awareness and sales campaigns as they are fun and can be used in a wide variety of marketing applications such as promotions, direct mailings, incentive programmes, company giveaways, tradeshows or fundraising.

    Hotel luggage tags / labels

Luggage tags help travelers identify their bags and guide others not to pick up the wrong bag accidentally. Bright and prominent luggage tags are also used to identify personal belongings from a distance.


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