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Chemical Industry

Increase safety standards with easily readable labels

Honsen is a popular label solutions provider for the chemical industry, having turned the industry around with our label solutions way back when we first started. Today, chemical companies use our large label solutions to ensure their hazardous goods are tracked systematically.

    Drum / Bag stickers

Typically, customers have to ensure that labels used for drums or bags in the movement of chemicals are water- and chemical-resistant and have good outdoor durability. These labels have to be made from specially-constructed materials and are often printed onsite (on the customer’s premises) with direct thermal and thermal printers.

    Hazardous / Warning Sign label

These signs are used to inform employees of chemical hazards and are also termed “Right-To-Know” signs. These signs typically use a number rating and color coding system with some text to identify chemicals and their physical and health hazards.

    Fire extinguisher labels

Fire extinguisher labels make it easy for people to spot extinguisher locations, to determine which extinguisher to use and how to use them. They are extremely handy in an emergency!

    Household chemical product labels

Label requirements for household chemical products vary as wide as the range of products available. Honsen provides every type imaginable, from one-color labels to flexible labels for highly technical packaging, to waterproof labels and oil/chemical resistant labels for in-container labeling.

    Lube oil Labels

Labels for oil and lubricant manufacturers for both bottling and industrial drums are normally printed on specialist materials such as bright silver or gold paper, or on filmic substrates such as polypropylene or polyethylene, which allow the bottle to be labeled before filling. The material used for these labels are highly flexible and these labels will not fall off during the filling process.


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